Mass Spectrometry

I have developed software for a wide range of mass spectrometer systems. I spent ten years working for VG Instruments (then Fisons Instruments) and three years in Japan looking after software support and localisation. I worked mainly on software for inorganic and elemental analysis using TIMS, Stable Isotope, Quadrupole ICP-MS and Sector ICP-MS.

More recently I work as a independent consultant to scientific instrument manufacturers developing bespoke software for data analysis, instrument control and hardware interfacing. I have done a fair amount of work enhancing a package of MALDI/TOF software and more recently on Laser Ablation data analysis for ICP-MS.

Here are several independent resources on the Internet of interest to MS users:

Mike Cheatham's ICMPS, XRF and TIMS listservers hosted by Syracuse University

Base Peak Mass Spectrometry resources hosted by Wiley

SIMS annual workshop

A valuable listserver for trace inorganic analysis by ICP (MS & AES) PLASMACHEM-L on the

If you have a requirement for additional software development resource or consultancy on data analysis and instrument control please drop me a line.

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Last modified 23rd January 2013