Scientific Software Consultancy

I have extensive experience in computational data analysis techniques for scientific instrumentation. I mainly specialise in instrument control and automation for mass spectrometry and ultra trace chemical analysis. Most of the work I do for clients is subject to non-disclosure agreements, but here are a few things which are not.

Shanks Transform - Compact representations of Log(1+x)

When you want an accurate answer quickly in a tight space.

Solving the Quadratic Equation

Everyone knows how to solve ax² + bx + c = 0 or do they ?

Robust Estimation vs Least Squares

Least squares is easy to compute but not always the best choice.

Numerical Derivatives and how to calculate them.

Numerical derivatives are not so easy to compute accurately.

False Colour Images of your data in Excel

An addin to convert raw data from a spreadsheet into a 2D false colour image.

The information provided here is believed accurate, but no warrantees express or implied are made about the correctness or otherwise of what is written.

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