More Cacti and Succulents

Here are some more extremely pretty or floriferous plants

Echeveria lauii

Echevaria lauii is one of the most beautiful of the Echevarias and has a very fine waxy blue white bloom on all the succulent leaves. It almost reaches out an says "touch me" to passers-by. This is very unfortunate as the bloom is soft and easily damaged by the lightest touch. Leaves have a tendency to come back from a show with the culprits fingerprint imprinted on the edge of a leaf. It is very symmetrical and pretty whether or not it is in flower. Definitely one of my favourite plants and has kindled my interest in other plants with similar forms of rosette.

For shear mass of highly coloured flowers Rebutias, Sulcorebutias and Weingartias are hard to beat. There are many species available with colours ranging from white through to yellow/orange/red/magenta. Some species have rather splendid bicoloured flowers. And it is very easy to pollenate common rebutias to get your own miscellaneous hybrid seed (which purists may look down on but it's an easy way to start trying to raise your own cacti from seed).

Sulchorebutia steinbechii

Weingartia trollii

Rebutia hybrids

2 year old Rebutia seedlings though still quite small and in 2" pots will flower freely. Teesside branch of the BCS has several members who enjoy seed raising and grow plants for sale to the public to boost branch funds.

Some plants are shy nocturnal flowerers which may easily be missed. They tend to last only one or two nights at most and they may be perfumed. Whether you like the smell is another matter. Bats and moths clearly do.

Setiechinopsis mirabilis

This is a spectacular little plant which though short lived always sets plenty of seed. It grows easily from seed and will flower in the second year. The flowers have a slightly antiseptic smell which appeals to moths and bats.

Mammillaria saboae

Flowering profusely even when very small this Mammillaria is still in a 2" pot.

Parodia mairanana (hybrid with subterranea?)

Grown from seed labelled "Pseudolobivia ferox" ... correction of my tentative ID appreciated.

Echinocereus pectinatus Lau 88

A handsome echinocereus with highly coloured regular spination and magnificent trumpet shaped shocking pink flowers which can be 3" across.

Cereus peruvianus

Most people would consider this a weed and not give it house room. The white flowers open in the evening and are between 8 and 10 inches across. It will flower when about 4 feet tall in good conditions. It was the first plant I ever raised from seed and it has survived three house moves and 3 years of storage treated as a generic house plant. I also have a viciously spined no-name Opuntia which spent the same 3 years completely untended in a derelict greenhouse and also survived.

The majority of my pictures of plants are taken using a Pentax camera with 70-210 macro lens on a tripod using Fujichrome Sensia 100ASA slide film and mainly by natural light. The best slides have been scanned onto Kodak PCD. I now have a DC-120 digital camera which I hope to be able to use to keep better records of plants in flower.

You should also visit Tony Mace's fantastic Cactus Mall for a huge selection of information about cacti and succulents.

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