Euro Space Centre

There is an unusual landmark beside the A411 midway between Brussels and Luxembourg - a huge Perspex replica sculpture of a space shuttle sits by the roadside at the European Space Centre and Camp in southern Belgium near exit 24 (Transinne-Libin). It houses an exhibition of space exploration unique within Europe. It houses a permanent exhibition of space technology, exploration and applications, and a space camp based on the US Space Camp concept at Huntsville, Alabama. Unfortunately, when we were passing it had already closed.


The main building is long low and white with various rockets and old aerospace kit displayed in the grounds.

Main building

Anyone identify this now redundant rocket from the engine view ?

Rocket P001042.JPG
Anyone recognise the model ?

The engines in a bit more detail.

The Eurospace Centre has a very pleasing Logo and the site looks like it should be fun for kids.

Eurospace Logo Good lamp

And they have mostly sensitively designed lights with downard facing louvres to provide light on the ground without spoiling the night sky. Unfortunately, the main carpark lights looked rather more brutal.

It really is a big surprise to find a space shuttle parked at such an unlikely angle next to a main trunk road.


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