I lived in Belgium for about 5 years and here are a few differences between Belgium and the UK. Living in a new country means there are lots of new things to go and visit as a tourist. I propose to provide some details here of the places that I thought were interesting to visit.

My hobbies remained the same, but leaving the dark skies of North Yorkshire for the city lights of Brussels somewhat limited my chances of deep sky observing. I had a southern horizon looking out over a forest which seems to help the seeing. I was fairly well placed for the eclipse on 11th August 1999.

An accidental find on the way to Luxembourg was the Euro Space Centre on the A411. It looks like fun though it is mainly intended for children.

More intentional visits to gardens and arboretums so far include:

The famous Dutch bulb gardens at Keukenhof
and also the Kalmthout arboretum Japanese flowering cherries
The Royal Greenhouses in Brussels are open to the public for just a few weeks every year.
The Japanese garden at Hasselt
The Royal botanical gardens at Meise

The garden which came with the house we live in includes some plants which are unfamiliar and unlabelled together with an almost derelict greenhouse which has been untended for more than 5 years. Efforts to tidy the greenhouse revealed that as well as having trees growing out through the top it houses several large grape vines. We live not too far from the grape producing region of Overijse so I have high hopes for these vines.

Here are some plants and pictures from my new garden. I would be grateful for any identifications of the unknown plants.

I have also a few miscellaneous scenic shots of Belgium and winter shots.

Useful links for expats in Belgium.

These are a few of the sites which have been useful to me so far. I hope to add others.

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